The Clearport Learning Center’s mission is to provide an individualized educational experience that focuses on building character, creative career development, and a foundation for lifetime learning.


Our vision is to create a caring environment where students reach their full potential.


We believe that education, honor, kindness, and courage are the cornerstones to success.

Fun and Safe Environment

When students have completed their academic work, they can utilize The Clearport Learning Center’s large recreation area that has a state of the art theater system. We have the latest gaming and recreation tables with plenty of room to chat and relax.

Benefits of After School Activities

At The Clearport Learning Center, academics is always our priority. Our one-on-one tutoring coupled with extracurricular activities help our kids be the best students, and the best young adults they can be.

Become a Better Student

Students who come to The Clearport Learning Center often perform better in class. A study conducted in 2011 showed that high school students who attend after school programs are less likely to drop out, have better attendance records, and have a more positive attitude towards school.

Meet New People

One of the most popular reasons to come to The Clearport Learning Center is the opportunity to spend time with your friends as well as make new ones. Participating in the same activity as someone else often means you have a shared interest, and that can make it easier to become friends because you already know you have something in common.