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Students who participate in after school activities often perform better in class compared to those who don’t participate in them. A study conducted in 2011 showed that high school students who attend after school programs are less likely to drop out, have better attendance records, and have a more positive attitude towards school. They also often had an increase in their GPA and standardized test scores, so participating in an after school program can raise your grades!

Improvements in grades were seen regardless of what type of after school program the student participated in, so you don’t necessarily have to be in an academic after school activity to get this benefit, sports and clubs work just as well.

After school activities can also increase your chances of being accepted to college because you can include your participation in these activities on your college applications. Colleges love to see students who were involved in high school, and participating in an after school activity is a great way to show your interests and academic motivation.

  • Learn New Skills
  • Meet New People
  • A Safe Environment


Join activities like Mentoring and Character Development, ACT Prep and College Readiness, or Career Readiness. 

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Learn New Skills

New skills and hobbies or allow you to continue current activities you enjoy.

Meet New People

It easier to become friends because you already know you have something in common.


Safe Environment

After school activities increase student safety by providing a supervised, nurturing, environment.