Benefits of After School Activities

After school activities refer to any organized program that students participate in once the school day has finished. While after school activities vary widely, they can have many similar benefits. Below are some of the most common. As you can see, The Clearport Learning Center gives students the opportunity to receive all of these benefits.

Mentoring and Character Development

The Clearport Learning Center provides each student time with an adult. Our staff takes the time to listen and guide our students. Life skills and character development classes are offered, as well as, holding interactive group meetings. Once a week, community members come and share information about different careers and pathways to success.

College Readiness

The Clearport Learning Center holds scheduled ACT prep classes with an ACT teacher. Diagnostic tests are administered to find weak areas and practice tests are given along with feedback for improvement. Students also have access to programs that can be used in our computer lab, with the assistance of a tutor in the lab. The Clearport Learning Center helps students fill out scholarships and financial aid packets for school. We help students search and apply for the right college for the individual.

Career Readiness

While at The Clearport Learning Center, students take an interest survey for possible career choices. Students are provided guidance in finding careers that fit their interests and personalities. Classes are held that provide insight into possible career choices. Our staff helps students make and build resumes, along with interview preparation.